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Quality Consumer Services gives you the freedom to follow your passions and explore your talents! Furthermore, with you can make vital connections that are useful in business locally, regionally or globally.

Through we rediscover our human side: living in our communities and using the virtual world as a connection mechanism, but spending time with real people. It is a physical place with real people who know you, who appreciate you, who care about you.

Anyone can build a career around what they are passionate about - it is completely feasible to begin by taking on projects after work then gradually building it up until you are able to replace your current income with the income from your new work.

We put people first because every business is about people's needs. We put YOU first because you are one of the people we are here to help.

Our vision is simple - to create the web's most trustworthy online people directory when looking for quality services focused on competence and excellence. is the fun way to help friends, build your personal brand and grow your income. Unlike any other social or business networking service, every feature on has been optimized to help you grow your personal brand.


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We know how frustrating it is to have to use an unknown service provider that you have found in a telephone or online directory without getting recommendations first. But if an emergency occurs, say in the middle of the night or at the weekend, then you simply have no choice in the matter.

If the service is not carried out to your satisfaction, the whole experience can leave you frustrated and disappointed, not to mention financially worse off.

But wouldn't it be great if there was a website that could put you in touch with local or international, reliable service providers whose work has already been endorsed by other happy customers; a website that was as good as a trusted personal recommendation? That is what we thought too so we designed as a valuable tool for hiring the best of the best available.

Mr Taylor was a keen gardener and he constantly received compliments about his beautiful garden. Eventually, friends and acquaintances were so impressed that they started asking him to look after their gardens too. Dissatisfied with his job, Mr Taylor decided to develop a business doing the thing he was passionate about: gardening.

He did not have enough customers to be able to give up his full-time job though. As a shift-worker, however, he did have a couple of daylight hours available, plus weekends, so he decided to take on extra customers. He built up his customer base gradually until he was able to give up his job and devote himself to his gardening business full-time.

He now has a thriving gardening maintenance company and employs 5 staff. Using the profits from his business he is planning to put down a deposit for the purchase of a garden center.

A growing number of people around the world would like to follow Mr Taylor's example. Job loss, tighter credit and a renewed appreciation for savings is persuading more people to use their spare time to make extra cash.

Use to start your own business by putting your capabilities, knowledge, hobbies and interests to good use! Find your skill or what you think would be fun to do. Think about what people are willing to pay you for.

  Featured Offers describes any service that someone is offering, from mowing a lawn, to fixing leakage, to giving Japanese language lessons, to healthcare advising, to financial consulting. You can search and hire these Featured Offers or create your own Portfolio of Offers that you want to offer.

Featured Requests means that someone has a specific service requirement that they need done. If you are looking to earn a little extra cash, you can browse these listings in your area to see if there is one that you can do. Or, if you have always wanted to find someone to come to your house, give your dog a haircut, and then clean out your garage, Post a Request and let them find you!

Why Join

  Flexible Membership
Open a Free, Expert or Master account and enjoy its benefits.

Best Value for Your Money
Get quotes for your service requirements and choose the best ones.

Peace of Mind
Use quality services from the most trustworthy providers who focus on excellent service.

Unlimited Service Requests
Post your service requests for free, as many as you need, when you need.

Make Friends
Build your professional profile, grow your network, have fun, enjoy meeting real people.

Highly Effective
Cheaper than traditional advertising.

Hire the Best
Once you have checked out all ratings and obtained some quotes, choose the service provider that is right for you.

Low Risk
Start small and do things that you are good at.

Cost Transparency
You can easily manage your dedicated budget with no strings attached.

Promote Yourself
Use your Personal Profile page to showcase your expertise for users seeking the services you provide.

Build your Personal Brand
Establish yourself as an expert in your area by offering valuable, smart, interesting advice relating to your skills, talents and hobbies.

Enjoy the Benefits

  Get Recommendations
Ask for endorsements from people you worked for to acknowledge the high quality job that you did.

Be Focused
Pre-set your Service Request Alerts to be among the first to know when a new job request occurs.

Stay Connected
Invite your friends to get connected, ask for recommendations, provide advice, let them know what you are good at.

Direct Contact
When you want a job just get in touch with the person needing work done without any middleman.

Rate and Get Rated
Rate other people's work and get rated for yours. The higher the rating, the higher your profile will appear in search results.

Gain Credibility
You will gain credibility and trust with new users through the ratings awarded to you by your existing customers.

Capitalize your Capabilities
Promote and utilize your talents, hobbies, interests, and skills to make some extra money or to work towards a new career opportunity.

Manage your Services Portfolio
Promote different services to different people at different times.

Fine-tune your Service Offerings
Access online real-time activity reports to see who visited your personal profile page and when they visited.

Discover a World of Opportunities

Enhance your Service Stock
Upload documents, movie-links, pictures, and any other information that will help you to present yourself.

Choose the work you want to do when you want to do it, or search for the personal service you require when you need it.

Search Flexibility
When in a hurry you can search by time availability, or location, or both.

Time Availability
Arrange your time availability to suit your current activities.

Local and Worldwide Availability
Tell the world, as well as your local community, about your skills, capabilities, hobbies and interests, and what you can do for them.

Adjust your Skills Set
When you learn a new skill start promoting it on

Review your Reports
You will have access to a range of time-customizable reports to help you fine-tune your service promotions.

Unique Rating Systems
Get rating stars both for doing exceptional work and for providing priceless advice.

Ad-Free is committed to delivering an ad-free community platform for its users.

Printable Vouchers
Entice people to use your services by offering them printable discount vouchers

A Text Away
Use our text alerts service and any new service request will go straight to your mobile phone.

Text Top-Up
Top-up your text alerts or we could do it for you.

How It Works

Get an Account
Open a Free, Expert or Master account and enjoy its benefits.

Personal Profile
Complete your personal profile - provide as much information as you see fit.

Provide Contact Details
Keep your contact details up-to-date so that people can get in touch with you.

Define Your Service Offers Portfolio
Chose which services you want to promote, define your time availability and coverage. If you only offer services online, choose "online".

  Upload Promotional Materials
Upload documents, movie-links, or pictures to enhance your details regarding your professional expertise.

Define your Service Requests
Define as many service requests as needed.

Set-up your Service Alerts
Set-up your email and/or text alerts.

Learn about Reports
Depending on your account type, different types of reports are available.

Start Networking
Invite people you know to become connected with you.

Ask for Recommendations
You have probably done some work for some of the people you are connected with - ask them for recommendations.

Post Advices
Provide expert advice in your professional area.

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